Mike Sherrard, Global eXp Realty Leader & Founder of High Converting Content shares his story.

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Mike Sherrard is one of the most successful agents in Canada that has built a strong organization through his social media expertise. This is a young man who is inspiring so many people in our industry and someone who will be doing amazing things for many decades to come.

0:16 Mike Sherrard Introduction.
1:07 How did he start in real estate?
3:34 What’s driving him & how did he got his first two listings?
5:47 Burning the bridges & working hard.
8:01 His definition of branding.
10:50 The importance of using Social Media for your business.
12:49 High Converting Content & teaching others.
14:38 How did he build his team at eXp?
16:01 About eXp Realty.
19:35 Greatest lesson that he has ever learnt.
21:25 Three pieces of advice for entering real estate.
27:11 Celebrating the mini wins & his passion for cars.
33:00 What this chapter of his life is called?
34:38 Conclusion.

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