Luxury Spacious 2BHK Flat for Sale in Vijayawada - East Face 1440 sft

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Hi I am Sreenivasa Rao CEO of and .

మీరు ప్రాపర్టీ కొనాలనుకుని ఆంధ్రా రియాల్టీ ని సంప్రదించినందుకు ధన్యవాదములు .
2014 నుండి నమ్మకమైన సర్వీసెస్ అందిస్తున్నాము
మా వద్ద గుంటూరు లో సుమారు 300 అపార్టుమెంట్లు, 220 ఇళ్ళు 300+ ఖాళీ స్థలముల సమాచారం కలదు
మా వద్ద విజయవాడ లో సుమారు 500 అపార్ట్మెంట్స్, 300+ ఇళ్ళు 300 స్థలముల సమాచారం కలదు
We update the property list on daily basis. We gather the properties from various sources.
Property Address, Size, Measurements, Price, Contact Number of Sellers.
We give data including Sellers Contact Numbers.
ఈ వివరాలు ఓనర్స్ నెంబర్ తో సహా మీ ఇవ్వగలం
మీరు మీకు నచ్చినది కొనుక్కోండి.
మాకు ఎటువంటి కమిషన్ ఇవ్వనవసరము లేదు
We have 3 types of lists.
1. Apartments
2. Independent Houses
3. Open Plots
రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ ఫీజు 2000 మాత్రమే.
ఏ కేటగిరీ అయినా 2000/- లేదా ఏ రెండు కేటగిరీలు అయినా 3000/- మాత్రమే. All Categories 4000/-
Address Based sorted list.
Service Period Validity 1 Month Only.
You can take the updated list once again FREE in the next month.
నమ్మకమైన సర్వీసులు అందించేవారిని ఆదరించాల్సిన భాధ్యతను మరువకండి.
గుంటూరు, విజయవాడ, Hyderabad లో అత్యంత నమ్మకమైన రియల్ ఎస్టేట్ కన్సల్టెన్సీ ఆంధ్రా రియాల్టీ
Save your time, save your money.
Congratulations! Happy to learn that you got the power to buy a property. It’s happy news to all your loving family members.
I learned from that you want to buy a property. Our website gives you exact location-specific properties. We don’t mix other location properties. Brief information is provided through this website, YouTube channel.

Buying a property is involved a lot of transactions, site visits, location advantages, facing, measurements, documentation verification, legal verification, bank loan arrangements, entering into an agreement, registration, etc.

We request you to go through all processes with a qualified professional’s right from document writer, lawyer, etc.
We are into Real Estate Digital Marketing where we collect the information about properties for sale, sort out, categorize, and arrange the information to help you in buying a property.

But, as you know running any organization involves variable costs like rental, staff salaries, internet, transportation, website management, web hosting, phone bills, electricity bills, taxes, and so on.

For this purpose, I charge Rs. 2000/- to provide the information about the type of property you want to buy say Open Plots, Apartment Flats, Independent Houses.

The list contains the list of properties, maximum available information like location details, measurements, facing, cost, contact number of the seller, etc.
Yeah! I got you.
You need NOT pay any commission or brokerage to me. You can use your own sources to get it for the right price by using your bargain skills.
We have Independent Houses in Vijayawada, Apartments in Vijayawada, and Open Plots in Vijayawada.
Independent Houses in Guntur, Apartments in Guntur, Open plots in Guntur.

Pay through Google Pay and Whatsapp transactional success report.
Google Pay / Call 9440549389

I will send you the list through WhatsApp
Whatsapp 9440549389

I have a good number of contacts everywhere. Whatsapp me your need and requirements. I will try to help you.
Thank you.

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We will try to find the best available properties for you
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